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Lucy Loose







Glory, glory, It was Saturday. Lucy lived alone. Well, except for Cheddar, her orange cat and Mission, her half Bassett, half St. Bernard other half. The house was hers which was one of her great accomplishments. That accomplishment being the ability to tell the world to go screw itself if she felt so inclined. If only she could get rid of taxes, utilities, her neighbors, and the grocery store she could really be alone. So much for dreaming.

Today Lucy was going to tear off some old rotten siding and scrape and paint the windows on the south side of the house. The weather was warm and no rain was in sight. Lucy clipped the suspenders of her denim work overalls. They were worn with enough dried paint colors permanently embedded you could use them as a color selector. She rolled the bottoms up mid calf and slid on her work tennis shoes. Mission thoroughly approved of her look as he knew overalls meant Mom was home for the day. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Let’s fill my mug buddy, then we can work.”

Lucy skipped down the stairs to the kitchen and poured some orange juice into her mug. She set it on the counter and took the time to open the kitchen window so the fresh air would circulate. Her tool bucket was by the door so she grabbed that and mug and headed out after her bustle butt dog. Mission immediately started serveillance of all his favorite spots. The local possum was a favorite. Lucy pulled her hammer and crow bar. She started pulling siding. Rusty nails squealed as they let loose. It was a satisfying sound.  Squeal, snap, clatter. Snap, clatter, squeal.

“Good morning Lucy.”  Oh God damn it ,Lucy muttered. It was her neighbor, Kendra. Didn’t the name tell it all? The voice came from behind Lucy. She could see Kendra in her minds eye. Brunette, hair sprayed in place. Make up. Always dressed in an immaculate manner Lucy would never accomplish. “Heh,” Lucy answered without looking up but then she straightened up and turned. She’d learned from experience that Kendra never just said “Hi.”

“You’re working early.” Kendra said it lightly but Lucy knew better. “Yep.” Lucy answered. ” My kids are still sleeping. We went to the movies last night and Maggie ate too much popcorn and had a stomach ache till late. Kids.” Kendra added. Lucy couldn’t have cared less about her kids. She also knew any kid worth their salt could sleep through the Dallas cheerleader practice if they wanted to sleep. “I only have two days to get these repairs done so I thought I would get going on it.”  Lucy tried to say it in a way that sounded conversational. “That’s ambitious,” Kendra offered with just a smidge of bitch. ” Well, Joe and I are going shopping today. He wants to buy a new boat for our weekends away. We always go to Lake Sheran this time of year. Our friends have a bonfire and we water ski and swim. We’ve gone there every summer since we got married. Well, I have to finish ordering some things online so I’ll see you later,” she finished as though she actually would. ” See ya,” Lucy replied.

Lucy breathed deeply. Mission had made an appearance and made one sharp bark at Kendra’s back. “No, shit.” Lucy agreed. She turned back to her project, rolled her shoulders to get rid of that momentary snappy feeling. Nothing like hundred year old siding to make a girls day.


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