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Hell Fire and Damnation Preacher II




One of the most common misconceptions of God is that He is the creator of death and destruction.  “God is a mystery. We don’t know why John, Shakala, or whoever was shot dead at sixteen. God has his reasons.” Or some other believers self appointed explanation of the world. I tell those who speak their own reasoning as Gods’ to shut your mouth and stop. Get on your knees and beg the Lord to forgive you for presenting a lie as the truth of God. Shame be upon you. Only in humility having been in the presence of God and laid low by Him to the ground where I could not move can I after all this time tell you what you have been wondering.  It goes back to Satan. Always that selfish self appointed power hungry ruthless monster of a fallen angel. Satan was at one time long ago one of Gods’ own angels. Loved by God and part of heaven. Somehow Satan came to feel his own power and he liked it. He wanted more, to be in charge of his own kingdom. It could be that Satan had no idea what carnage he would create for himself and others. Or maybe he did. I tend to guess that he didn’t. Satin believed he could create his own kingdom with followers and that he could do it without God or maybe he felt God would help him form this kingdom and bless his plans and ideas and wisdom.

I know you read this sermon and think. How does the preacher even know there was a God and a satan. I tell you because if you are privileged to ever feel the presence of God the Father just one time you will never question it again.

So Satan set about telling others about his idea, some agreed to follow some didn’t. If they had known what separation from God would feel like, be like, they would have screamed in horror. Some of you reading this are Godless. You know separation from God and have no idea what you reject by ignorance of it. When each angel made the decision to go their own way separate from God the consequences were permanent.  Light left them, ability to see God, desire to love, ability to receive love, emptiness filled their eternity, they began to argue, to hate each other, to rival for power, to kill, destroy, despair.  We as man are born into this world and are not privy to what the angels had in the presence of God.  His love, peace, protection, joy, giving, light, songs, creativity, or even rest. Separation from God as an angel was sudden, complete, the most horrific loss of all that is good without the ability to ever retrieve it. No begging, bargaining, hoping, wishing, would ever open the door that closed to them. Utter desolation.

Why, you say, would that be? Think of God as the most pure metal like gold. To remain pure He cannot touch the unclean. One molecule of impurity and God is no longer pure. No longer God. He would then be one of Satan’s.  God is all pure, all creative, not destructive.  He is love and light and peace and rest and giving. If God is able to weep I am sure He wept when he lost Satan and the angels that went with him. God was wounded in His love. Love as God loves is only received by choice. He cannot show up on your doorstep and say, “You will love me now and you will know me and like it.” That is not love. Love exists as a choice. Individual choice and decision.

To help you understand here are some current day examples.

You create a child with a woman You choose to love the woman and the baby and support what you have created by your own actions or you leave them to fend for themselves as you have other things you need to do. Choice.

You lose your mother as a child. You decide to protect yourself by showing only a tough skin. You need no one and no one will need you. You are bitter and bitter hardens into anger and anger hardens into hate. You become violent, dangerous, you prove yourself to be stronger than the next man. You will come out on top no matter what. You will get the money, the women, the car, the house, the blood you want. Or, you can recognize the pain of loss in another boy and give to him caring and love. You can protect him and be his elder. You can dress him and feed him.  You can let him lay in the street and walk away. You choose.  Will you be like God or like Satan?

You are a landlord. You own many buildings and rent to hundreds. You make a lot of money.  You like your lifestyle. You collect the rent and have little or no contact with your renters. Who are they to you? Your buildings decay, they have rats and roaches. There are drugs and violence. You don’t care. Clean out the apartment, paint it and rent to someone else. Are those people going to grow or die on your watch. Will you care for them or not?  You choose.

Satan is our common enemy. He is the enemy of the monied people. He is the enemy of the poor. He is the enemy of the war torn. He is the enemy of Gods creation. God is only that which is good. The bible says if you will not cry out to God the rocks will cry out. Creation knows the Father. Babies know the Father. Your pets know the Father.

God calls satan the great deceiver, the liar, the destroyer. He was cast down to earth from heaven, he manipulated Eve to give up her purity. He manipulates leaders, gangs, dealers, swindlers, abusers, thieves, gossips, junkies, priests, you and me. He is our constant battle. He is our enemy. He is the ravager of our lives. He is the one who killed your child, bombed your house, took your food, paid you nothing, enslaved you, beat  you, whispered to you what a stupid useless shit you are.

Get your house in order. Know your enemy. Help others to know what he is. Watch the news. Who have we let have our counties, states, countries, continents.

Read Isaiah: 47

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