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Hellfire and damnation preacher – Demon carrier

Put on your skull t-shirt.  Listen to your favorite dark band. Get the tattoo with the demon riding with his weapons blazing. Then keep sitting on your scrawny couch imprinted ass.  This damnation preacher is fighting the real fight. You can pretend but those of us who are real demon fighters are wiping sweat and blood from our brows. The real Christians are fighters, dedicated, and eternal. We don’t have time for your scary movies, your ghoul holidays, your swearing, cursing each other with your dirty uncontrolled mouth.

This preacher watched the 1960’s when a new gate from hell was opened. Free love, drugs, communal avoidance of work and responsibility. That generation rejected order, sin, self control, privacy, and started raising their children to think think sin was normal. Little Johnny can think whatever he wants. Let us let him learn at his own pace and allow him to back talk his mother and father. Well you hippie perverts. You opened the gates of the devil and let in the devils gains. Instead of sex being private and intimate you flaunt it. Then you wonder why you have sexual diseases, rapes, and perversion taking over all commercials and TV or movies. Lets’  leave nothing to the imagination. Women started to become men and forget the true gifts that come from women. Now you have succeeded. We share bathrooms, clothes, sexual appetites, mass murder,  all to the devil’s joy. Congratulations.

While you believed you were attaining freedom you were collecting evil that started to cling to you like stones and moss and rot and carnage. Demons laugh because you are taking all the sex, anger, murder, abuse they love to deeper and deeper extremes. Carnage is the devils playground. He entices you and then stomps on your head and laughs. You try to reject your emptiness with yoga or a new marriage, shopping and cars. You’re perfumed skin will rot from your associations with the devil.

A Christian who is pure in purpose is the greatest of warriors. Prayer and intercession for others is not gentle and imploring. I am in a battle that I enter in my spirit led by Gods spirit. The Holy Spirit directs my actions and is my power in prayer. Real prayer puts you toe to toe with the real demons of hell. They smell. They lie. They manipulate. They wreck your life. They make you sick. They kill your crops, pets, or family all because when you put on the prayer shawl they hate you more than any other. A friend of mine went out to evangelize on the street. Evangelizing wasn’t something I was keen on as I would probably hate being approached on the street. But this woman had the Holy Spirit. While she went out into the dark of evening I stayed back in the church and prayed in tongues allowing the Holy Spirit to use me. Tongues will ebb and flow. Sometimes you are allowed to understand what is happening and other times you are the vessel with the voice. That night I prayed until close to the two hour mark when she would head back to the church. But as I attempted to slow my prayer I was told in my spirit I was not done. Prayer intensified. I paced and fought out loud. In my spirit I felt a demonic being turn to look toward me as it was recognizing an opponent. It smelled and gave me a feeling of horror. I stepped back in the room one step. The Holy Spirit in an audible voice corrected me “DONT step back, step IN”. I put my foot back like a scolded child but I was still fighting against the thing. After a period of time which was lost to me I suddenly stopped. It was over. Whatever it was. When my friend returned with her group she related what happened. She had started to talk to a group of teens near an alley. As she shared one of them became more angry. Suddenly she said that boy was held against the brick and couldn’t move. She finished what she was called to say , the boy was released and he ran. That is real prayer. It’s no game and certainly not a laundry list of your needs. Another time my prayer was for my brother who was in the hospital for blood poisoning. He didn’t know I prayed and I never saw him. He was in another state. There was a black mass over his head in his hospital bed. I fought that demon in my kitchen with my two sisters there to help me. I drove that demon out and my brother lived. He is not a Christian even now. But God helped him through the generational protection spoken of in the Bible. The generational protection is passed from our great grandmothers, grandmothers, my mother and now me.

Intercession is exhausting. Are you going to fight or are you going to sit and play video games and pretend to be a warrior. Get real because it is. If you think the saints of the Bible and Christ had it good remember: they were stoned, jailed, crucified, accused, hated, driven out of town, hunted and forced to meet in secret. That is being a Christian and I don’t have time for anyone who tells you different.



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