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Hellfire and Damnation Preacher: Where are the Christians





Every age has had its wars. Every age has had its religious wars. Wars over belief are difficult for individuals to understand. Why can’t we live in peace? Why does God allow this to happen?

Let’s just briefly mention a few. The Romans were aggressors who believed in their power. They were organized with a system of law. They also were generally accepting of other groups as long as they lived within the Roman system. However, when a group created chaos within their system it was seen as a threat. At first, Christians  were not seen as a threat. They were a small group. Though there was some upheaval and rumors of people following one particular man Rome did not worry about them. It wasn’t even the Romans who brought Jesus for prosecution. The elders of the Hebrews, Roman citizens were conflicted about a fellow Jewish man who was a scholar and was called Rabbi by his fellows. But Jesus was also bringing a new vision to the people they had never heard before. His message excited people and worried the leadership. Have we heard that before? Jesus was calling for change. Rome would have let him alone but the religious Jews of the time saw him as a rebel. They couldn’t hear the message of love and selflessness. They felt He was causing upheaval. So the Jewish leadership brought him to the Roman leadership. Rome let the people decide and they decided he would be crucified. The birth of Christians. Followers of Jesus who kept his teachings alive and hid their meetings from the public so they would be safe.  Some Romans over time were also changed and became Christians. Romans were people of logic, learning, and pride. They fought several wars taking and retaking territory. They won and lost until they were no more.  Jesus asked before he died that we love his Jewish people as the chosen people. It was ignored and they were blamed for killing Jesus. The apostles were twelve left behind. They were able to heal the sick and dispense with demons. They carried on what Jesus did and they had the ability. Others learned of it but how many followed the disciples to that level? How many gave themselves so completely that they succeeded in becoming like Jesus. Jesus had given them the authority to do as He did. Who picked up the cross?

Germanics fought wars. Rome had spread its territory even into the current day land of Germany. Trade routes grew with Roman expansion. Wars were fought over land. Wars fought over the desire to retain your way of life. Germanics refusing to pay Roman taxes because they were not Roman. Leaders got greedy or angry or were insulted by another leader and there was another war. Eastern Europe was rife with conflict, border changes, and death. Individuals forced for fight and die for the decision of a King or Czar.

England fought with France over land. England fought with Ireland over land and beliefs. Kings and Queens forced Christianity on the people without choice. You will be Lutheran. You will be Catholic. You will be punished if you don’t cooperate. Civil wars and unrest. Changes in the approach of being a Christian. Certainly nothing to do with Jesus and his teachings. Just men fighting men. Rome attempting to control Christianity from Italy with England accepting or refusing. The Vatican was a business and conglomerate. Payment for forgiveness of sin. Money changers in the house of God. Extravagant buildings to honor God with ungodly things happening inside. Not always but in a failed human way. man’s control over man.

English and Germanics, Slavic, Czech didn’t want to fight anymore or die in a cause they didn’t believe in. Wanting their own freedoms they traveled to the new land of America. Cultural differences, fighting over land, retaliation for being attacked and we had wars in America. Revolution to become independent from England. Indian wars war with Mexico, war with Germany, with Vietnam, Iraq, Terrorists.  Fighting over land, freedoms, beliefs, aggressors, leaders using the individual man to fight his battles. Christians had the freedom they had hoped for. They fought natives for the land. Tribes fought tribes too. Conflict eternal.

There have been very few years at any one time that had no war, if any.

Now you are going to ask me, what about your title? What am I writing about?

In the current day I have a deep sense of emptiness as I hear no strong Christian voice during this time of trouble. We are in the time of war between the western world and the Islamic world. Islam believes that if you are not muslim that you are an infidel and worthy of death. No exception. They are the aggressor. If you have been in Iraq or Afghanistan we are seen as the aggressor. The western world is hated for its perversions, its lack of control of its women, for not believing in Allah. The western world is immersed in trying to hang onto its sense of unity and strength. People are divided. Modernization, which calls itself progress, has slipped in along with inventions, pharmaceuticals, space travel, solar heat, and other truly inventive things, additives such as drug addiction, sexual overtness, violence, crude language and a complete loss of dignity, politeness, modesty, and self control. So in that respect the Islamic world is right on the western world makes me sick to my stomach too. Liberation is to me the loss of God. I can do as I please. I can please myself. I can have sex with anyone I choose. I don’t have to worry about anyone else. They will take care of themselves. I will give my children the same freedoms so they will learn to dishonor their parents. Parents teach them to think for themselves and when they are grown they will fight anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I honor myself as special I don’t have to honor my country.

Jesus, if he had remained in his grave, would have skin lesions from rolling over and over in his grave. Much to our shame though He is seated at the right hand of our Lord God a witness to all of this. I feel so bad for Him. It must be unbearable.

So what are the Christians to do in this mess? Where are the Christians in this mess?  I haven’t heard from any lately so I am assuming they are safely in their television stations or in church amongst themselves. For active true Christians out there I exclude you from my rants. I know you are working harder than ever. This writing is for the ones who never see you.

True Christians are a rare thing. Christians are commanded to love others. Its not a suggestion or a hope. Jesus was very clear. “Love one another as I have loved you.” It was impossible for me to accomplish any level of love during my years of service to others without the spirit of the Lord within me. Without Him I am a cynical, distrusting, well, asshole. Such is the state of the evil in the world. Let me explain. Today, if you are not deeply devoted to God and active in prayer you will be earthly. Earthly doesn’t understand that God is real. Earthly follows its own desires and emotions. Earthly is careless about the feelings and needs of others. Earthly won’t have much emotion over broken relationships, running over a dog, or killing someone. There is no comparative experience of the presence of God therefore there is no concern over ones’ actions. It is all day to day based on your life exposures. A MS-13 gang member has no sense of God. His leader is his god out of threats and control and violence. He kills to live. To make money. To be loyal.  A social activist serves out a desire to help. You are part of a team. Your energy goes to a good place. You sleep good at night. You don’t understand why some people have such extreme needs but you label the need according to psychology or economics. You feel you serve the greater good. You are living a life of service with no need for a god to help you except maybe yoga class.

So what do true Christians have? Here again I cannot stress enough what is possible and what is required. I have been in the presence of the Lord. It was unexpected and unplanned. I could not speak English for a week. I would periodically fall to the ground in the Holy Spirit unable to move or participate. My body was healed and my soul cleansed. The purity and joy in His glow I cannot describe I can only tell you to seek Him. After those initial days I cried when the Holy Spirit lifted. I could feel my earthly self and it felt heavy and dry and empty in comparison. After that begins the lessons of life. We are so corrupted in these days it will take all you strength to submit your whole self to God. Once you acknowledge God and begin reading the Bible God will reveal things to you. You will not understand the Bible without the Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit lives within you then He will reveal what you need to see in the Bible.  A place to listen to a man of God in his simplest form go to you tube. Yes, the internet and look up monks and recluses of the orthodox church. They are men of devotion and they live a monastic life for God. Listen to them. They will be translated from Romanian and other languages. You will be offered wisdom from God as He teaches you. You will know when its Him and not your own thoughts. But don’t guess. Wait.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have in this age. Releasing yourself to pray for what God wants and not what you think is needed. Pray scripture if you are not sure. I repeated the 23rd psalm for a year. The Holy Spirit placed a desire in me to repeat and repeat it. I could not have held any interest for it without Him. “He will renew my strength.” I also received physical strength to complete tasks of service to others. You will feel that also as you grow in Christ. Prayer is a powerhouse. Not yours but Gods. He will use you to affect people places and events. It will not be yours to control or decide any of it. You will be a vessel. In submitting yourself you will find in prayer you are in the greatest service to God. There is a group of Catholic nuns in western Wisconsin. Their church contains a room where there has been constant prayer from the nuns for over one hundred years. Two hours at a time for days, weeks, months, years, decades. without stop. How great must the ear they have from the Lord. The nuns take prayer requests but also prayer scripture. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your mind and with all your spirit.”  Because God is so selfish? NO Because he can use you to His greatest good.

I may add to this but I have to sleep now. I am sick with liver disease and get tired.

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