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Hellfire and Damnation Preacher- collective mind




I watched a fascinating program on VICE television about the collective mind and people who study its existence and possibilities. It was the invisible guy which I do not understand who narrated. It brings up another aspect of Christianity that may not be understood by a non Christian..

The world in general is getting darker and more violent. Just in my lifetime I have watched and felt the condition of people deteriorate. That’s not to say I am naïve about all the violence and corruption that has existed through time. Christianity teaches the importance of prayer and says a few things related to the action of one or more and its affect on others. One states that the prayers of your mothers and grandmothers protect the children and grandchildren even four generations later. The program referred to the connectivity of every molecule of the world. The action of one rippling through the collective and affecting others. The action of prayer, kindness, love rippling through the collective. The rippling of rape, murder, terrorism, violent television or corrupted thought across the collective. It is the same. Jesus commanded us to love, forgive, cause no harm. He didn’t do that as a suggestion to cheer us up. Think about Jesus knowing the outcome of collective goodness or collective corruption. He was offering the way to heal each other and the world.

When I was young I lived under the roof of Christian parents. Not overt programmed believers who are constantly expounding their teachings but gentle kind German people who lived in kindness and who made every effort to do good and cause no harm. I went to school without the slightest thought about violence. We would see maybe one fistfight in an entire year of school. We respected our teachers. We had a dress code that encouraged modesty and no one even talked about it as a problem. We liked dressing up. We had an African American student in our class and he was treated as kind of an exotic and special person. No one talked about racism. We just liked him. We sang Christian songs amongst others in school concerts and no one had an issue. We said the pledge of allegiance at the start of the day facing the flag. There was never an incident of disrespect for the flag. Competition and challenge came out in sports. There were cliques that showed up in regular groups of kids seated together more like friend groups than racial tension or other issues separating us.

Then the following things occurred in our country. Prayer was removed from schools. The loss of the collective prayer for good rippling into the community. The pledge was removed. Loyalty to others and country was over. Students were allowed to follow their own interests in school at their own pace. It was the end of teaching discipline to adhere to a curriculum and succeed even if it wasn’t your choice of class. Students debated and then mistreated their teachers. The end of respect for authority, for elders, for listening to wisdom and applying wisdom to your life. Celebrating Christmas, Valentines day ended. There were no exchanges of gifts between students, no decorations to enjoy, no honor of God within each other or in the group. Teachers lost their sense of adulthood and responsibility. There are no rules so I will sleep with my child student. The school not covered by the collective protection of prayer disintegrates into fragments.

The collective. The collective that prayed over our country. The collective that met at church and helped each other. The collective that acted as the village when all parents looked out for all the children not just theirs. The collective that communicated with its neighbors instead of the collective isolation with the internet. The collective that lives in false worlds of gaming. The collective that has standardized killing as a solution for anger.

I cannot tell you how grieved I am. I am watching my country disintegrate.  DIS-INTEGRATE. No longer integrated. God help us.

Where are you in the Collective?


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