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Hellfire and Damnation Preacher -Babel

What is a Christian? One who follows Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus who was a half man half God, raised by a step dad, conceived out of wedlock, raised as a Hebrew Jewish carpenter, who studied and became a rabbi, a teacher of faith, a man who was filled with the Holy Spirit, who was given a new message, who was disowned by his siblings, loved and hated by the community, threatened with arrest, threatened with stoning, who collected twelve men to learn and carry on the message, who loved people, healed them, chastised them, raised them from the dead, taught them, forgave them, who angered priests, was arrested, murdered by Romans after a citizen vote, who died of his injuries, was buried in a stone tomb, who went to hell at the decision of God to save humankind, who then appeared to his twelve followers, and then went to heaven.

A Christian is commanded to love others as Jesus loved them. A Christian is to examine himself and honestly admit his faults to God. A Christian is to serve others through kindness, giving, leading, and being an example. A Christian won’t hold a grudge, or condemn a man for his faults. A Christian is to be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove. A Christian is to be filled with the Holy Spirit just as Jesus was in order to follow Jesus and not himself. A Christian will create change by being love and not a rescuer. A Christian will love God first, honor the Sabbath, not kill, not lust after another persons’ wife , belongings, or land, wont steal, will behave honorably toward his parents, wont believe in idols as items with power and wont keep any around for any reason, and will not give up and commit suicide as they have wisdom that God may use them even in their last day.

How very rare they are. How precious if you find one. How wonderful if you are one.

A Christian will also be the one who will be attacked by evil for existing as an enemy of the satan. It is a dangerous, challenging, life. Christians are humble because they know they have no power or energy of their own but that God gives them the wisdom, strength, and love they need to be one of Jesus people.

Babel is the world we have today. The world enveloped by evil. The world that hates Christians because the world is led by satan and not God. Babel has no memory of modesty, humility, obedience, chastity, holiness, or truth. Babel is deceived that all perversions are normal. Babel celebrates idols, kills babies, assaults, rapes, tortures, stalks, drugs, murders, steals, wants riches, steps on anyone in their way, craves something that is God but they fill with alcohol, sex, food, competition, control, and punishment. Babel is everything God hates. Babel is blind and empty. But only one prayer from love.

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