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Commentary Americans Unite against Tyranny





We are in an age where separation will be our downfall. Our young people have no idea what hardship is or how to unify during times of trouble. America is not alone in its struggles. Germany, Greece, France, and Spain each have issues that are separating their people. If you keep up on current events you will be aware of their struggles.

I will address one enemy we have today that reminds me of the over taxation of colonists before the Revolutionary war. Britain was taxing the colonies of America and restricting exports. The control became so unbearable that it ended in the colonists organizing and revolting against Britain. Many colonists died so we could have the colonies as free men and trade the way we wanted.

I want to shake you up to rethink some of the accepted norms of our society. The first is insurance. Insurance at one time was created for replacement of valuables. However, today, it is an unregulated tax system. Add up all the insurance fees you pay that are required by United States law. House insurance, car insurance, income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, waste tax, carbon tax, water tax, purchase tax, medicare tax, and  social security tax. Take each of those and subtract themfrom your annual income.

Insurance companies are for profit companies. They are great places to work because you get great benefits and health packages. However, your income comes from the forced taxation of United States citizens. Who placed us in the position of being required to pay an insurance company that has no interest in helping us. Personally I have watched a blind woman whose house burned down have to justify each and every item that was put in her home when rebuilt. She received two hundred dollars to replace a quilt in her home. She asked if she could use the money to buy several blankets and sheets. She was refused and had to buy only a two hundred dollar quilt. They tormented her with daily calls with long terminology until she asked me to represent her and protect her from their actions. It took months fighting a for profit company to which she had paid monthly premiums for years.


We ourselves had a minor sewage back up and we waited days for the insurance decision while sewage dried in our basement and finally they said they would not help us. It was too small a damage claim to cover. I scrubbed my basement myself with no support after all those years of paying in to insurance. I was exposed to raw sewage for days and incurred hundreds of dollars in plumbing bills.

How much better will we live if we did not pay insurance payments. Save our own money for replacements. We would not become dependent on the great insurance god to approve a car repair. We would take better care of our belongings  because if we burned them, broke them, or crashed them, we would have to take care of it ourselves. We would have approximately thirty to forty percent more income to do that.

How have we let this happen with blind acceptance? There are so many ways we can rethink this country and become more who we were meant to be. Free self sustaining people.

What would happen to me if I stopped paying my forced corporate taxes? Foreclosure, court, garnishment of my wages, loss of my driving license and jail. Are we a free people?

How insane is it to have a social norm of paying a for profit company forced taxes.

It is only one of hundreds of issues that need addressing. Below is the name of a new movement of people who are trying to start those changes.

Recommended research:  Yellow Vest Movement, France, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Britain, United states.




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