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Why Can’t I Hate – Poem

Threaten me again why don’t cha

Mumble those rotten words

the putrid pouring out

and there’s Jesus

with his rules and commands

Love them as I have loved you

Threaten me again why don’t cha

be sure to clearly show your hate

for me

Leave me in silence again

for days

and there’s Jesus


forgive seventy times seven

AND turn the other cheek

There’s that fucking mouth

shove my fist down your throat to shut you up

your fucking endless words

Why can’t I hate you

and give what you deserve

you transformed me to a monster

so filled with hate

and there’s Jesus


so many rules

get out of my way

I’m going to kill him

with my bare hands for

all he’s done to me

make me a monster

then be surprised when

I fucking break your neck

and then there’s Jesus

Forgive them for they know not what they do

If only you knew

the only one keeping you alive

is Jesus

standing between me and you

If not for Jesus

I would play my hand

and silence that fucking mouth

that spirit killing mind killing violent mouth

one day you’ll know how close you’ve come

slain at my hand

and then there’s Jesus

showing you at the pearled gates

everything you’ve done to me

he’ll look at you with love

and tell you

the only thing between us

and then there is Jesus

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