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Killer – Poem

Little tiny brain cells

leaking from my brain

each and every time luv

you made it very clear

I have such great value

oh yes so much I do

to be the only one luv

the only one for you.

The only one for you luv

to put into my place

make sure its clear to me

no love for me you’ll waste

You chose me extra special

to be your kicking dog

the very one you use luv

to empty all your hate

you crawled into my head luv

and kicked around my brain

 took it for so long luv

both sun and in the rain

only to find you return luv

to kick at me again

I ran to hidden corners

I drove away by car

I ate and then I starved

I cried and broke my chain

I stabbed my womb till numb luv

I broke that narrow wall

I screamed at you  luv

I dug my very grave

I told my friends who left me

I called my family few


my only step that’s left me

was live inside my brain

the place you’d ransacked

chucked and laughed

while I vomited and gasped

I hid inside my brain luv

so obvious you found

me still in body and reclined

no breath or pulse to find

I hid inside my brain luv

forgot the world out there

I lived in broken thoughts

and crushed and cracked despair

I picked up one and then the next

my cells no longer worked

no single thought could I complete

that you did not defeat

I guess I’d say you won luv

for I no longer care

what the fuck is said luv

or where I go somewhere

the days the same as night now

I do not know or care

I have no feelings left luv

that you can slap or beat

so look me in the eye luv 

while I kiss this shiny gun

I’m gone before you know it

and I’m flying to the sun

I couldn’t give a fuck now

if I’m found or if I’m not

my death is what I have now 

to finish and complete

as long as I can leave you 

and finally get away

to never have to listen 

to a word you have to say

you got your wish to crush me

to make me less than you

so thank you for your luv luv

and may you not repeat

your brain dance upon me 

or any one else as sweet.

















What a mystery you are





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