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Oh, There you are! -Poem


It wove around my chest and belly

each inward stab

wind stab repeat, wind stab repeat, wind stab repeat

and there you are looking at me

can’t you see it when you look at me!

The light drained from my eyes, my brow, my lips

my mouth curves up in a one sided smile and all

the while you look at me and don’t see

Bitterness, bitterness, bitterness

you stupidly give me that fake love you smile

thinking that I all the while

I don’t see it , right there, that fake behind the eyes stare

right There.

I look at my bitterness and say “Anyone can see he doesn’t care!”

Bitterness, bitternesssss, its just you and me

how I’ve held you and molded you until people glare

at my green eyes no more

“They were green,yes they were, then they grayed and grew still.

with bitterness, bitterness, bitterness

until black like coal molded hard with shine

my bitterness grew and straighten my spine so

now I don’t care if you come or you go

bitterness, bitterness, bitterness lets sit right here

and lets make it clear that nothing that’s said or done comes back

to haunt me or hurt me

nothing like that

go ahead, say what you want

stomp on me , shame me, blame all of me

but my bitterness sees every minute thing

you’ve done to me.

Bitterness, bitternessss, bitternesss

It’s grown quieter up in my head

mostly emotions and feelings have gone and instead

its my bitterness just like I said.

Bitterness bitterness bitterness…





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