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Hellfire and Damnation Preacher-Sermon I

The Hellfire writings are about Christianity and although you may immediately want to skip those there are some strong lessons in not expecting life to be a gift so much as the victory over struggles. The entries are a true reflection in how I see my faith as a believer.

I’ve been alive for a long time, preparing, praying, listening. The mistake most Christians make is they think that the preacher is for encouragement, blessing, prosperity, generosity toward others, and all around good living.

There was a day I was right in line with the rest of congregation. Give me 10% encouragement, tell me my money is feeding the poor, I’ll expect to live well and have a great family. All will be well.  100% of my life will be service in one form or the other.  Can’t wait. Where do I sign. What are those Christian phrases I need to learn so I look and sound like the real thing.

      I hate to bust your bubble but that’s not what Jesus told us.

Jesus is not to be fooled with. I’ve been bent to the ground by him. He doesn’t take any hostages. It’s all volunteer. Following Him is the toughest son of bitching decision you will ever make.

Let’s take a look at the real thing:

Ezekiel 33:1-22

When I say to the righteous that he shall surely live, BUT he trusts in his own righteousness and commits iniquity, NONE of his righteous works shall be remembered, and because of those sins he will die.

There is no free pass. Not before Jesus and not after Him. Don’t be a fool about what God requires of you. Oh, you poor Americans who love yourselves and your works. Who will remember you. A man of God, a REAL man will have to be a great warrior. A warrior in humility, a warrior in suffering, a warrior in keeping yourself for God alone. Then only will you see the works of God. Many a soldier laments in the horrors he experiences in war. He sees the worst of man in others and himself. He feels how can God be here.

A soldier who thinks God is not on the battle field is alone in his own thoughts and misses the presence of his Maker, his Christ, his Savior. It’s not that God was not with him. God is all present, forever. There is not a leaf or a stone or a drop of water that does not know its Maker. Take yourself back to the battlefield of rain, mud, blood, fear, sweat, adrenaline. There wasn’t a breath that you took that He didn’t breathe with you. You were in the living breathing HELL on earth. Made by man, by sin, by hatred, by ambition, money, selfish lust of what the other has. Do you think in your heart that God didn’t know you were there in that swamp, that day, that moment, when your best friend died, when you lost your legs, when you heard screaming of your injured enemy. Even there HE was there. Did he control who died who lived, who led, who fled. No, God does not hold sin in his hand. Your new enemy and my enemy, my life long nemesis Satan was laughing, rubbing his hands in the blood, waiting for his victory. The soldier is the closest to a Godly man there is on the earth. Why would a preacher say such a thing?

Look past the drugs you took, the whores you fucked, the swearing, the anger, and look at what you were. You gave everything for your friends, your comrades even onto death. You were loyal, obedient, you gave 100% to a cause. Your heart was striving for the victory. You felt discouragement, failure, loss, pain, fear, disease, and blood so much blood. NOW do you know who your Christ is?

LOOK AGAIN.  He was conceived out of wedlock, worked as a carpenter, studied the Tora and debated with elders on the teachings, he was disowned by his birth brothers when he declared his ministry intentions,He experienced torment from Satan himself, He was run of town more than once, He had the law after him for his ideas, He was considered a radical, there was a plan to stone Him to death, He never had a family of his own, He traveled continually without rest, He was ridiculed, questioned, interrogated , whipped, nailed to a Roman cross, pierced with a spear while He hung on the cross, until he died.

Any soldiers out there who were tortured by the enemy, interrogated, and told by your own father that you were going to die and He wasn’t going to do anything about it.

Don’t  you EVER tell me that Jesus was a prosperity preacher. Wake up. Are you blind?

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